8th International Conducting Competition
No Surname First name Male/Female Age Country
1 Ahokas Lauri Male 33 Finland
2 Bozich Joseph Male 26 United States
3 Czubaszek Michal Male 31 Poland
4 Deguchi Daichi Male 28 Japan
5 Fanshil Vladimir Male 33 Australia
6 Gwizdałła Mateusz Male 24 Australia & Poland
7 Hirabayashi Ryo Male 29 Japan
8 Holzinger David Male 34 Austria
9 Hsieh Szuyun Female 30 Taiwan
10 Humala Alexander Male 34 Belarus
11 Ilie Alexandru Mihai Male 29 Romania
12 Ishizaki Mayana Female 31 Japan
13 Juraszek Michal Male 27 Poland
14 Kim Hahnsol Male 25 USA
15 Kim Yeojin Female 26 South Korea
16 Kim Chanyang Male 23 South Korea
17 Ku Cheuk Nok Francis Male 26 Hong Kong
18 Lim Dong-Kuk Male 30 South Korea
19 Lin Wilbur Male 29 USA & Taiwan
20 Litvinenko Andrey Male 34 Russian Federation
21 Liu Shou-Ping Female 34 United States of America and Taiwan
22 Macek Frantisek Male 29 Czech Republic
23 Marcais Pierre-Antoine Male 32 France
24 McAlpine Fergus Male 23 United Kingdom
25 Padurariu Mircea Male 26 Romania
26 Park Soo Hyun Female 27 Republic of Korea
27 Patane Claudia Female 29 Italia
28 Petriček Hrastnik Jera Female 31 Slovenia
29 Pitkänen Joonas Male 31 Finland
30 Qian Junping Male 27 China
31 Ram Schreiber Ilya Male 26 USA & Israel
32 Rechsteiner Susanne Female 32 Switzerland
33 Ruan Peng Male 29 China
34 Russo Kleanthe Male 30 Italy
35 Sakai Hoshimi Female 31 Japan
36 Sandelson Joel Male 23 United Kingdom
37 Ślusarczyk Joanna Natalia Female 32 Poland
38 Starybrat Klemens Male 27 Poland
39 Straw Matthew Male 20 USA
40 Suzuki Hitoshi Male 30 Japan
41 Takahashi Tatsuma Male 28 Japan
42 Taler Avi Male 28 Israel/Romania
43 Toshifumi Kanai Male 33 Japan
44 Vazquez Jorge Male 28 Mexico
45 Vegas Elisa Female 32 Venezuela
46 Venditti Nil Female 23 Italy
47 Wincor Katharina Female 22 Austria
48 Wu Shih-Chieh Female 32 Taiwan
49 Yamamoto Ryo Male 28 Japan
50 Zhang Baihe Male 24 China

All admitted participants will be contacted by email by August 18th 2017.

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Statute, edition – 2017

8th International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest

The eight edition of the International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest for young conductors, aims to introduce young conductors to the entire spectrum of orchestral works interpretations and promote their artistic activity.

  • JURY
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September 20th -24th 2017, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Jeunesses Musicales Conducting Masterclass Maestros

Orchestra: Royal Chamber Orchestra

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Elegia Minacciosa


Special Artist, 8th International Conducting Competition

Elegia minacciosa (with Gnossienne-Mandala) is an orchestral miniature in five sections and emphasize an intense and paradoxical emotion: a threatening elegy. After melodic and rhythmical processes, a fragment of an imaginary gnossienne comes to the fore, floating sad in the ocean of sounds and bringing the naive and innocent color of piano. Then, we hear an unexpected event: from the back seats of the stalls section of the concert hall a pulse of the drum begins to beat, first like a heart, then growing monstrously and tragic, like a frightening silhouette. Through a strange smoky ”curtain” of the strings, the clarinet comes out like a mouse, and sends desperate calls together with the flute, using effects of differential sounds in the highest register. In vain. The three final chords cut off any hope, like a guillotine.

Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest, 2016

7th International Conducting Competition