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List of selected participants in the first round of the International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest – 7th edition (view pdf list)






Abashev Artem 33 Russia
Barkauskas Modestas 34 Lithuania
Bischin Laurentiu 26 Romania
Casleanu Christian 26 Germany
Chang Yu-An 30 Taiwan
Chia Amos 26 Singapore
Doh Moon 30 USA
Eliasson Emil 27 Sweden
Eriksen Thor Anders 30 Norway
Fan Kai Hsi 33 Taiwan
Gooran Arash 26 Iran
Haugstad Elsine 27 Norway
Hermann Szabolcs 25 Romania
Holzinger David 32 Austria
Hsieh Hau Chun 21 Taiwan
Hsu Yu Han 30 Taiwan
Hyrabayashi Ryo 28 Japan
Kanai Toshifumi 32 Japan
Khudyev Farkhad 30 USA
Kim Yoon Jee 31 South Korea
Kundrats Karlis 27 Latvia
Kwon Leonard 31 South Korea/USA
Lee Earl 32 Canada
Lee Shinae 34 South Korea
Leontev Mikhail 34 Russia
Liao Brian 24 Taiwan
Lien Boon Hua 31 Singapore
Lougraida Mehdi 31 France
Matsumura Yugo 27 Japan
Matviyenko Dmitri 25 Belarus
Montesano Giuseppe 33 Italy
Muller Lorenz 24 Austria
Okisawa Nodoka 29 Japan
Pitois Maxime 28 France
Proust Simon 26 France
Rasmanis Andris 31 Latvia
Rompczyk Jakub 25 Poland
Raspopova Natalia 34 Australia
Helmuth  Reichel Silva 33 Germany
Sit Adrian 27 Hong Kong/Great Britain
Smithorn Rebecca 31 USA
Stanciu Sergiu 26 Romania
Szmit Adam 33 Germany/Poland
Tuul Edmar 26 Estonia
Weber Marian 25 Germany
Wilson Scott 31 Great Britain
Yoon Hankyeol 22 South Korea
Zamani Yalda 30 Iran
Zangara Valentino 23 Italy
Zangiev Timur 22 Russia

In order to finalize the admission procedure, the participants accepted in the 1st round of the competition must confirm by email their participation at the competition no later than
July 8th, 2016! In case confirmation is not sent, the jury may use their right to select participants from the reserve list, up to the 50 places available for the 1st round of the competition.

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