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Elegia Minacciosa


Special Artist, 8th International Conducting Competition

Elegia minacciosa (with Gnossienne-Mandala) is an orchestral miniature in five sections and emphasize an intense and paradoxical emotion: a threatening elegy. After melodic and rhythmical processes, a fragment of an imaginary gnossienne comes to the fore, floating sad in the ocean of sounds and bringing the naive and innocent color of piano. Then, we hear an unexpected event: from the back seats of the stalls section of the concert hall a pulse of the drum begins to beat, first like a heart, then growing monstrously and tragic, like a frightening silhouette. Through a strange smoky ”curtain” of the strings, the clarinet comes out like a mouse, and sends desperate calls together with the flute, using effects of differential sounds in the highest register. In vain. The three final chords cut off any hope, like a guillotine.

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