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Marta Wierzbieniec

Prof. Marta Wierzbieniec was born in Sanok, Poland. She is a graduate of Music Academy in Cracow. She began her career at Department of Music Education at Rzeszow University. In 2000, she was appointed a director of Institute of Music at Rzeszow University. She has been conducting the Choir of the University for many years. She mastered her conductor – choirmaster’s skills in Switzerland (prof. F. Haaseman), Belgium and Germany. She obtained first level of qualifications (doctor) and second level of qualifications (postdoctoral degree) within the scope of conducting vocal as well as vocal and instrumental ensembles. She was conferred a title of professor in 2004.

During her artistic activity, Prof. Marta Wierzbieniec has prepared and conducted over 250 concerts. From 1989 – 1999 it was mainly with Students’ Chamber Choir, and with Choir of Institute of Music at Rzeszow University. She frequently participated in music festivals and competitions, being often awarded. She was giving performances e.g. in Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Italy. She had a broadcast titled “Gossips with the treble clef” in Rzeszow Radio for many years.
Prof. Marta Wierzbieniec between 1999 and 2010 was the Director of the Institute of Music at the University of Rzeszow. She was also the artistic director of the Rzeszow branch of the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras.

Since 2008 to now, she has been the Managing Director of Artur Malawski Podkarpackie Philharmonic in Rzeszow and Music Festival in Łańcut. Currently, she is also performing the duties of the Philharmonic’s artistic director. The tasks she undertakes involve not only programming, organizing and implementation of concerts. On M. Wierzbieniec initiative the Podkarpackie Philharmonic Orchestra has established cooperation, e.g., with Wiennermaenergesangverein (Austria), the musical community in Saarbrucken (Germany), the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kosice (Slovakia), or the Philharmonic Orchestra in Miskolc (Hungary). The Podkarpackie Philharmonic also collaborates with artists of the Opera and Ballet Theater of Lviv. She is the author of many artistic projects, including the series of concerts entitled “Open space for music” and “Fil – Kameralia”.

Many times she was honored for her work, e.g. by the President of the City of Rzeszów, the Governor of Rzeszow, also she was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit – a Polish civil state award and the Bronze Medal “Gloria Artis”.