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ELITE ART Club UNESCO is a non-governmental organisation based in Bucharest and focused on the Romanian visual arts, music and cultural events promotion. Under UNESCO aegis, ELITE ART Club UNESCO envisages the intercultural dialogue and international cooperation. Since its creation in 2003 ELITE ART Club UNESCO has been building a bridge between past and present thereby constructing the future.

    Sharing cultural values

    At the heart of our work is the strong belief that a culturally diverse and united Europe and world is about sharing cultural values. In this respect we promote Romanian values on both national and international levels. We advocate for cultural exchange and cooperation as well as for Romania’s active participation in the world’s cultural production. We have a special commitment to the new generation of Romanian artists, advocating for cultural cooperation and for integrating the young Romanian artists in the world’s cultural movements. We focus our efforts on three main directions: music, visual arts and educational projects (education is transversal to all our projects). The most important projects regard classical music. This started by becoming aware of the need to promote young lyrical artists, but also to connect them to the labour market through competitions and educational programs, as access to quality education or employment and continous training is more and more difficult in the current social-economical context. In 2009, in this respect and as recognition of our efforts, ELITE ART Club UNESCO Association became an affiliated member of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) the widest nongovernmental organization for young musicians from the entire world and, in 2010, exclusive representative of JMI in Romania. The International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Romania constitutes the implementation in Romania of the classical music competition initiated by Jeunesses Musicales International. It is one of the most known and appreciated competitions of classical music for youngsters in the world and goes back 50 years already. Since its first edition in 2010 in Romania, the Competition has grown and has had remarkable results; 88 young conductors from 37 countries registered to participate in the 2014 edition. The general objective of the International Conducting Competition Bucharest Jeunesses Musicales is promotion of cultural education and professional training in the field of culture – of conducting, in particular: through the competition’s programs and related events a meeting and interpreting space is created for as many participants as possible (young conductors, jury members and maestros), as well as a recognition of Romanian cultures through the world.

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The Romanian Youth Orchestra

Being created by the famous cellist and professor Marin Cazacu, the Romanian Orchestra is more than just an orchestra. It assembles the brightest musicians from Romania for a unique creative experience, in the common pursuit of musical excellence. Being acclaimed as Romania’s best orchestra for the last few years, the Romanian Youth Orchestra is quickly establishing itself on the international scene as well, already being acclaimed as one of the world’s top ensembles by international critics.

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    From the beginning, Cristian Mandeal assured the technical and artistic directing of the Romanian Youth Orchestra. Under his artistic leadership, the orchestra became a success story of Romania’s musical life, making its concerts into significant events and giving the country a youth orchestra of international standards by established new hallmarks of innovation and excellence. The Romanian Youth Orchestra’s roots lay in a unique artistic and educational program which was founded in 2008 following an initiative by cellist Marin Cazacu with the help of “The Friends of Music – Serafim Antropov” foundation. Nowadays, the RYO’s educational programme has a hugely varied activity developing musical talent. The orchestra’s academic programme has the goal to provide an excellent opportunity for budding musicians to explore a demanding repertory through master classes and concerts and, more importantly, to participate in the joy of ensemble music-making under some of the most appreciated conductors and alongside some of the most sought-after soloists, including Bogdan Băcanu, Sarah Chang, Amanda Forsyth, David Garrett, Stefan Geiger, Andrei Ioniță, Kristjan Järvi, Roman Kim, Elizabeth Leonskaja, Ivan Ludlow, Plamena Mangova, Valentina Naforniță, Olga Pasichnyk, Wave Quartet, Peter Sadlo, Olga Scheps, Emmanuel Séjourné, Aleksey Semenenko and Pinchas Zukerman. The result – an ensemble second to none, highly acclaimed for their sold-out concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum, at the “George Enescu” International Festival and on international stages such as l’Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the Ravello Festival, the Konzerthaus Berlin and the Berlin Philharmonic. Since november 2008 the ensemble is a member of the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras – EFNYO. Within this program the Romanian Youth Orchestra is an activ participant of the EXchange program meant to ensure a exchange experience of the most talented young musicians in the youth orchestras projects of Europe. After being raised in the same professional and exceptional artistic environement and having spent years bounding as an ensemble and performing together at the highest level, the Romanian Youth Orchestra’s alumni continue their journey towards musical excellence and international recognition throughout their artistic maturity project – the Romanian Youth Orchestra.

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Marin Cazucu