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Tiberiu Soare

Tiberiu Soare is a graduate of two faculties of the University of Music in Bucharest: Faculty of Musical Interpretation, Instrumental Section (Tuba), class Conf. Univ. Ion Popescu (Bachelor’s Degree obtained in 2000) and the Faculty of Music Composition and Pedagogy, the Section Conducted Orchestra, the class of professors Ludovic Bacs and Conf. Univ. Dr. Petru Andriesei (Diploma of the Degree obtained in 2001).

Master in Directing Stylistics, Professor Horia Andreescu’s class (2001/2002).
In 2018 he obtained the title of Doctor of Music at the National University of Music Bucharest with the work “Lyric Tragedy Oedipe by George Enescu, A Conductor Perspective”. Tutor: Prof. Univ. Dr. Dan Dediu.
Currently: Conf. Univ. Doctor of the National University of Music Bucharest, Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Musical Pedagogy, within the Directed Department, Religious Music and Complementary Instruments.